• Deutz engine,100kva brushless alternator
  • Deutz engine,100kva brushless alternator

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    Deutz engine, brushless alternator
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Standby Power(50HZ )88KW / 110KVA
Prime Power(50HZ )80KW / 100KVA
Engine Data
Manufacturer/Model:Perkins(Tianjin) / 1006TG2A
Air Intake System:4 Cycle,Turbocharger
Fuel System:Direct Injection Fuel System
Cylinder Arrangement:6 in line
Bore and Stroke:100×127(mm)
Compression Ratio:17.5
Rated RPM:1500rpm
Max.Standby Power at Rated RPM:102KW
Governor Type:Mechanical
Steady State Frequency Regulation:±0.5%
RPM of Piston:6.35m/s
Exhaust System
Exhaust Flow:16.24m3/min
Exhaust Temperature:550°C
Max Back Pressure:6kPa
Air Intake System
Max Intake Restriction:5kPa
Buring Capacity:5.74m3/min
Intake Flow:115m3/min
Fuel System(Fuel Consumption)
100% Standby Power Load:23.6L/h
100% Prime Power Load:21.4L/h
75% Prime Power Load:L/h
50%(Prime Power) Load:L/h
Total Fuel Flow:L/h
Lubricating Oil System
Total Oil Capacity:19L
Oil Pan Capacity:16L
Oil Pressure at Rated RPM:300~340kPa
Cooling System
Total Coolant Capacity:27.7L
The Highest Temperature:100°C
Coolant Flow:138L/min
Electrical System
System Voltage(Starter Voltage):DC 24V
Rated Current for Charge Alternator:A
Open frame(mm)2300×800×1580
Silent type(mm)3200×1080×1650