• 16 inch Mini Folding E-bike
    • 16 inch Mini Folding E-bike
    • 16 inch Mini Folding E-bike
    • 16 inch Mini Folding E-bike
  • 16 inch Mini Folding E-bike

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    The essence of City trip art is not luxury ostentation. Rather than plugging on the road, it's better to be flexible and flexible, to walk away and to enjoy others' envious eyes.
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Mini Folding E-bike

Product Specification:

Color: Black, White,red,blue

Load Capacity : 100kg

Max Speed: 25km/h

Bike Weight: 18kg

Range: 20KM

Brake Type: Rear disc brake

Voltage: 220W

Size Detail:

Length: 1550mm/61inch

Height: 1130mm/ 44.4inch

Wheel Diameter: 16inch/ 20inch

Product Advantages:

A High-performance Motor acheives a top speed of 20-25km/h with a range of 20km means your ebike commute just got easier

Quick charge battery

Folding style, portable convenient, easy storage

Stored securely inner the bike

IPX5 Waterproof range

Mini Folding E-bike has large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery,and that can make your E-bike commute just easier.

Quick charge battery,Battery stored securely inner the bike.

Collapsible Frame- Folding style, portable convenient, Quick to fold the E-bike for easy carry and storage.

Perfect for sport fitness, entertainment, traveling, shopping and anywhere of your office.

Handlebars LCD Display- shows speed, battery life, mileage, cruise mode, turn on the headlight, horn, accelerate, and brake all from the handlebars.

Mini Folding E-bike is equipped with solid and durable metallic foot support bar, high density foam seat with a groove and air vent in the middle Fashionable Design High Quality- Inspired by the moving dolphin design, lightweight and feel free to ride.

This motorized bicycle adopts innovative aluminum alloy frame and double layer aluminum alloy wheel.

Mini Folding E-bike benefits:

High-quality Material--- The Aluminum Alloy frame– light, strong and designed to last, makes it easy to maneuver. Aluminum Alloy double-walled rims are for greater durability as well as faster ride with less drag.

High quality power system---- Equipped with the 29.4V 2A lithium-Ion removable battery, you can reach a range of up to 60 miles per charge. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to travel and back. 220W stable high speed brushless gear motor easily assists you to travel at the 25mph road speed limit.

KUBAOYA has been not only dedicating to innovation, cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, but also providing cost effective Mini Folding E-bikes, to satisfy riders#39; various needs of transportation and even desire of exploring sports outdoors life.

Just ride freely with KUBAOYA!

Mini Folding E-bike

Kubaoya Mini Folding E-bike uses super large capacity lithium battery and hidden high safety engine. electric bicycle uses super large capacity lithium battery and hidden high safety engine.

Kubaoya Mini Folding E-bikes give you unprecedented experience

Kubaoya Mini Folding E-bike has beautiful body, patent shape, effective shock absorption and easy climbing.

Kubaoya Mini Folding E-bike can easily grasp various road conditions

high quality smooth frame

Detailed parameter table of Kubaoya Mini Folding E-bike

Kubaoya Mini Folding E-bikes come in a variety of colors

Fresh blue and Pure white

Cool blackg

Mini Folding E-bike

Change the way you travel, Leave behind the problem of traffic jam, travel without carbon, protect the green earth.Say goodbye to the crowded bus, enjoy the individual independent space, enjoy the city scenery, let the travel more free.

Change the way you ride, Hybrid cycling, pedal assist or walk assist model ,let the ride be whatever you want.

Change your sports way, say goodbye to the excuse of no time to exercise, travel is a sport, say goodbye to the reason of no sports place, the road is a sports place.

Go for an outing, go for a tour, across the city and over the mountains, it' easy to be there.Along with it, you#39;ll find the fun of exercise and keep your body and mind healthy.

On the way to work, on the way out or in your spare time, every moment of your journey gives you freedom and happiness.


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