• GF1-165KVA Cummins generator, brushless alternator
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  • GF1-165KVA Cummins generator, brushless alternator

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    High quality GF1-165KVA Cummins generator, brushless alternator, Hi-earns is certified by ISO9001-2015 QMS, CE approval from the European Union.
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IS125-100-400A centrifulgal pump-a.jpgIS125-100-400A centrifulgal pump-b.jpg

Diesel water pump(IS125-100-400A)

GF1-165KVA Cummins generator, brushless alternator

Standby Power(50HZ )52KW / 65KVA
Prime Power(50HZ )48KW / 60KVA
Manufacturer/Model:DCEC Cummins 4BTA3.9-G2,4-cycle
Air Intake System:Turbo,Water/Air DC
Fuel System:AD type fuel pump
Cylinder Arrangement:4 in line
Bore and Stroke:102×120(mm)
Compression Ratio:16.5:1
Rated RPM:1500rpm
Max.Standby Power at Rated RPM:65KW / 88.4HP
Governor Type:Electronic Speed Control System
Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Flow:14.8m3/min
Exhaust Temperature:497°C
Max Back Pressure:10kPa
Air Intake System
Max Intake Restriction:6.2kPa
Buring Capacity:5.9m3/min
Intake Flow:158m3/min
Fuel System
100%(Prime Power) Load:216g/Kw.h
75%(Prime Power) Load:214g/Kw.h
75%(Prime Power) Load:221g/Kw.h
Oil System
Total Oil Capacity:16.4L
Oil Consumption:≤4g/kwh
Engine Oil Tank Capacity:14.3L
Oil Pressure at Rated RPM:350kPa
Cooling System
Total Coolant Capacity:24L
Max Water Temperature:100°C
Open TypeSoundproof Type
Overall Size:1800(mm)×750(mm)×1450(mm)Overall Size:2400(mm)×1000(mm)×1450(mm)


1. Reliable Performance:

Reliable Performance is the major advantage of Hi-earns products, and this reliability is based on the outstanding design in every aspect and strict Q.C. System.

2. Customer First:

We devote ourselves to develop products to meet customers#39; requirements .Our engineer develop and design new products for customers.

3. Strict test process before ex-factory:

Every product will be tested twice before ex-factory,and our products are 100% ex factory pass rate.



Strict spare parts IQC system, to ensure every spare parts are qualified.

Technical support in every step to eliminate all detailed questions.



Automatic Workshop

Modern workshops have advanced production lines and professional knowledge of assembly.

Flow card to record each details carefully.

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Packaging Shipping

Strong packaging to ensure safty during transportation.

7 layer corrugated carton or wooden box packaging for products.

Company Information

We are manufactory covering diesel and gasoline engine, diesel generator from 2-500KW, water pump, trash pump, construction machinery like vibrator, rammer, compactor, concrete cutter, power trowel, farm machinery and so on.

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Warranty and Service


Guarantee for one year or 800 hours whichever reach first from ex-factory date. If the quality problem arise during the warranty period, and verified the problem is caused by our genset body instead of external or natural reasons(refer to all kinds of natural disaster, shipping, loading, unloading, wrong operation etc), we will supply the relevant spare parts free of charge for maintenance; After expiration, Hi-earns provides cost spare parts maintenance of products.


1.Our quality department will provide the best solution that make you satisfied efficiently and accurately.

2.If the broken spare parts are in the period under warranty, we will offer this spare parts for free under the condition of this spare parts are not intentionally damaged.

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