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Are Adult Electric Foldable Scooters street legal?

Date: 07/01/2019

Adult Electric Foldable Scooter is a popular vehicle for many people, but Are Adult Electric Foldable Scooters street legal? This is a serious question.

The term street legal refers to the vehicles that can be legally ridden on the street, i.e. meet all the requirements determined by the authorities to be allowed on public roads.

Are Adult Electric Foldable Scooters street legal?

In most areas of the United States, Adult Electric Foldable Scooters have the same laws as electric bicycles. 

For example, in California,Electric scooters can only be operated on a trail, bicycle path, or bikeway. You are not allowed to operate an Adult Electric Foldable Scooter on the sidewalk. They can be used on roads that do not have bicycle lanes as long as the speed limit for that road is no more than 25 mph. Unless turning left or passing, the scooter must be ridden close to the right hand curb. The driver must be at least 16 years old and must wear properly fitted bicycle helmet meeting regulated safety standards.

Generally, you're allowed to ride your Adult Electric Foldable Scooter wherever you can ride a bike. Ride with care and use common sense. Don’t ride on the sidewalk. Use bike lanes to stay out of the way of faster traffic. And be sure to look out for pedestrians and obey traffic laws.

Wherever you ride your Adult Electric Foldable Scooter, always check local and state laws for the legalities of e-scooters in the area.

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