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What is Intelligent Electric bike?

Date: 11/01/2019

According to the name of the Intelligent Electric bike, we can easily know that the Intelligent Electric bike is a battery-powered bicycle.With the delopment of technology and the requirement of environmental protection, more and more Intelligent Electric bikes appear in our life.

In fact, Intelligent Electric bikes aren't just equipped with batteries on regular bicycles.

Comparing with ordinary bicycles, the three most important components of Intelligent Electric bikes are drivetrain,motor and battery.

Battery provide electricity, motor convert energy into kinetic energy, and motor transfer kinetic energy to the bicycle body.

What is Intelligent Electric bike?

There are also three common kinds of Intelligent Electric bikes.Throttle,Cadence sensor and Torque sensor.

The first kind of Intelligent Electric bike can provide you with extra power. When you turn the accelerator, the Intelligent Electric bike starts to run. It's a very labor-saving way, but for people who want to exercise by bicycle, it's more like a scooter.

The second way is to use magnets on the pedal and Cadence sensor to sense your riding state, which is more humane than the throttle, but less stable.

The third way is the most intelligent. The Torque sensor will sense the force you press the pedal to direct the motor's work.

Therefore, the seemingly simple Intelligent Electric bike actually contains a lot of technical knowledge. If you have other questions about Intelligent Electric bike, welcome to discuss with us.

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