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Intelligent Electric bike display:Need or Not?

Date: 15/01/2019

Many people like or plan to buy an Intelligent Electric bike kit by themselves.And there are some doubts about the parts in the Intelligent Electric bike kit.Do I need this part? Today, let's talk about the Intelligent Electric bike display.

First is the aesthetic reason. I chose the display for my Intelligent Electric bike to make it look complete and fashionable. That's certainly a good idea.

To get rid of this, functionally, we need to know at least how long the batteries of electric bicycles can support us.

At the same time, this tool can also support you to understand  when the e-assist is on for safety reasons, what power mode you're in, and your current speed.

And Without blinkenlights, it can be hard to diagnose problems, especially on the road. Is your e-assist not working because the battery is low or dead? A bad main power connection? Maybe the brake-cutoff switch is broken, etc.

Intelligent Electric bike display:Need or Not?

What functions can an Intelligent Electric bike display generally have?Common functions include the following:


Trip meter

Speed Poles

Start Poles

So, do you like Intelligent Electric bike display? If you have any comments, please contact me.

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