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How to protect ourselves when we face COVID-19?

Date: 09/05/2020

● wearing a mask is also a frequent protective measure. Pay attention to the wearing method and time of the mask. 

If the wearing time is more than three or four hours or has been wet by saliva and sweat, you can consider changing the mask.

● wash hands with soap and hand sanitizer. Before hand cleaning or disinfection, do not touch the face, rub the face, 

  especially do not touch the mucous membrane, such as rubbing eyes, picking nose, touching lips, etc.

● keep distance. Especially in restaurants, vehicles, family gatherings and other places, as well as closed, 

relatively narrow space, it is particularly stressed that the crowd should not be too dense.

● pay attention to temperature changes. In addition to the symptoms of fever and respiratory symptoms, 

we should pay attention to timely treatment.

● be polite when coughing and sneezing. When coughing or expectorating, cover the nose and mouth with 

napkin or cover them with elbows. Don't touch the used napkin with your hands, and dispose of it when it's folded.

● enhance the awareness of epidemic prevention. Avoid unnecessary travel.

● actively cooperate with relevant departments and managers to take necessary epidemic prevention and

 control and emergency response measures. Please understand. Observe public order.

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